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11261592_10153348594327495_3417853816907006744_oIn the Beginning...

I have always been inclined to write. It may have started in first grade when my favorite teacher, Ms. Peterson, assigned daily writing topics. 7-year-old Kimiko penned many stories and even a poem ("If I were a Pencil"). Though my daily grade depended on writing, my writing didn't depend on the grade. I continued my own short stories, poems, and diary entries all the way to university. 

While attending the University of West Florida, I was selected to showcase and perform my work for the National Undergraduate Literature Conference in 2011. The next year, I graduated Magna Cum Laude with a bachelor of arts in English/Creative Writing.

After university, I worked with a regional magazine in the Southeast as a writer and columnist. At the same time, I became the assistant personal trainer at a fitness company. With these companies, I embarked on my fitness and health writing career. 

From Alabama, USA to Thailand

In 2014, my heart was aching for adventure. So I packed my life away and set off for the challenge of teaching English in Thailand. I immersed myself in a new culture in rural Thailand, about an hour from the Laos border. The next academic break, I traveled to Hua Hin to be an assistant instructor for a TESOL course. Then I was on to the next school, a private Catholic institute just a few minutes west of Bangkok.

As an English teacher, I became a writing mentor and debate coach for English competitions. I helped students with speech writing, academic writing, and competition preparation. I also had ample opportunities in public speaking as the master of ceremonies in school events.

My primary classroom duties included teaching academic and creative writing, English grammar, and speaking and listening skills to grades 10-12. My co-teacher (shout out to my Thai partner-in-crime Som!) and I also used class websites to engage students in additional instruction online.

Writing A New Chapter in Bangkok

I took some time to travel to South Africa with my partner in the summer. But when we came back, we weren't alone anymore. We discovered we had a baby on the way, but we weren't quite done with Thailand yet.

Back in the pulsing metropolis that captivated me for 2 years, I started work during my pregnancy as a freelance writer and editor. I have a unique perspective on living life outside of the fishbowl in which I was born.

My lifestyle helps me focus on writing, editing, and teaching with a fresh outlook. In my spare time (before the baby was born), I took courses and gained experience in SEO and copy writing as well as creating blogs for families in Bangkok.

Current Projects


A video of my friend Alanna Goddard that details some of our adventures in Thailand

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