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So you have a writing or editing project, but you aren't sure if you want to hire me. I could try to convince you by showing you my work portfolio and previous clients' testimonials. But ultimately, it comes down to one question: Am I your type?

I'm a perfectionist, a pedant. I like alliteration, but loathe assonance. I point out spelling errors in daily life. And I begin sentences with "and" if it's nothing formal.

I write how I talk, which means a lot. But it also means I know how to communicate the (brilliant) ideas I have. I can listen too, which is a definite perk for my clients.

I'm a born leader. So I can take over projects naturally and effectively. But I can also follow orders--growing up with an Asian mother keeps you in line.

I joke around a fair amount, sometimes too much. My jokes can be terrible puns or very dry humor, but at least I find myself funny. Though when it comes to business, I am quite professional.

If you want someone who works with you to organize your thoughts, develop your ideas, and focus on your projects, then I might be your type.

If you’re thinking “She’s the one for me!” then you should totally hire me!


You can contact me through Facebook, email, or Skype. But no pressure! If you're a bit of an introvert or have commitment issues, you can fill in the contact form and I'll reach out to you.


Is your heart in the right place, but you gotta check with your wallet?


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Email: Kimiko Wadriski

Phone: +66 990526014

Skype ID: kimiko.wadriski

LinkedIn: Kimiko Wadriski

Facebook: Wadriski Writes

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