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I am a writer, researcher, educator, and editor with 6 years of experience. I've corrected research essays on gender studies and I've reported obscure science news about hermaphroditic flatworms. From editing fitness manuals and nutrition articles to formatting a doctoral thesis, my journalism and editorial opportunities have taken me everywhere.

For four years, I contributed to fitness writing and copy editing. I worked with local and regional companies including XRLifestyles and Coastal Lifestyle Magazine, in which I also wrote a health and fitness column. With Fit & Healthy Lifestyles, I also engaged in writing B2B and B2C marketing content.

For two years, I worked as a copy and content editor for two fiction books by a local Alabama author available on Amazon. We wrapped these projects up remotely (Thanks, Google!). In my previous position as an English creative writing teacher, I was basically a glorified developmental editor.

Anything regarding writing, editing, and proofreading, I will happily take on the challenge! It's even better when I have to research for the project since I am a perpetual student.


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Kimiko Wadriski - CV