Editing Services

Wadriski Writes For the Writers

Do you need a fresh perspective?
Are you tired of handling your Strunk & White?
Want to get a little extra help for your next big writing project?

Line Editing + Copy Editing

Focus on your story and your voice while I help improve sentence structure and flow.

Line editing is more than correcting grammar; it’s about turning your craft into art. As your line editor, I will fix wordiness and awkward phrasing. But I will also hone in on grammar, punctuation, and proper word usage. It’s the whole package really.


Maybe you’re a confident writer who is content with your work. Before you publish, let me proofread your writing. I’ll comb through your manuscript carefully to pick up any mistakes: typos and misspellings, errors in word usage, or stray commas.

Sure you can do this step on your own, but let a fresh pair of eyes peruse your piece. I will save you time, effort, and maybe even that last bit of your sanity.

“So What Will It Cost Me?” – Potential Customer, probably.

Line + Copy Editing – Starts at $25
Proofreading – Starts at $10

Bottom Line – ALL prices depend on the project.

Don’t worry if you treat your writing project like a hostage situation.
Wadriski Writes is willing to negotiate.