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Why is it so hard to start an About Me section? 


If you struggle with an About Me section, just know that you aren't alone. For many of us, summarizing What We Do or Who We Are is strange, like we're talking about someone else. And oftentimes, the "someone else" we end up describing comes off sounding smug or impersonal. But then if we swing to a more casual tone, it's like we're trying SO hard to be chill. Too chill in fact. It's like we throw in so many cliches and expressions that inundate the internet because we *think* they sound good that we end up sounding like psychopaths. Then we hit Publish and forget all about that terrible, horrible, no good, very bad page. (And yes, that's a nod to one of my favorite children's books there!)

If you want to take the stress out of your About Me page, let me help you like I helped Bernard. 




Bernard Henry, II aka Young Sic was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. At a young age Bernard began to engage in drugs, alcohol, and sex. He lived a life in which trouble always followed. At the age of 14 his mother decided to move the family to Alabama to take care of his grandparents. After relocating, Bernard still seemed to attract trouble in his life as a young teen which lead to getting kicked out of school. But through the gospel, he was able to overcome the pitfalls of his past. Eventually Bernard met Christ through an invitation to church that was given by a friend in his life. Once he attended, Bernard experienced the power of God immediately which led to him surrendering his life to Christ at the age of 16. Bernard began to surround himself with positive influences that would impact his life in a major way to strive and do better for himself. Bernard went back to school and became a very productive student throughout the rest of his educational years. Bernard was very talented in music and began to allow Christ to use him to minister through Christian Rap. Bernard became known as Young Sic which meant Young Solider In Christ. Bernard begin to work with troubled youth throughout the Mobile County area... "Young Sic" is a Pastor, Rap Artist and Mentor who has traveled across the United States and abroad through “Youth with A Mission” to places such as New Zealand and Liver Pool, England . His mission was to spread a message of hope through rap music and evangelism. Along with Music and Motivational Speaking, he continues to work closely with youth throughout the Mobile County area. Young Sic is focused on helping many, especially young people, to discover purpose. He believes in encouraging, and empowering them to be their best by giving them the tools they need to overcome and excel...   Bernard Henry, II known as Young Sic in the Christian Rap arena is a one of the most versatile artist on the scene today. His music embeds truth of a once troubled teen living the fast life but reveals the transformation power of God through his music. Young Sic's lyrics are wrapped in compassion as he reaches out to guide today’s youth while also relating to them with his own personal testimony. Young Sic has noticed the strongholds of the enemy on today’s generation through the form of hip hop and has become a strong voice in providing this generation with positive music of the same culture. His lyrics provide truth that provokes thought and delivers the enthusiasm with his style of music.



Bernard Henry II aka Young Sic was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Growing up in LA, the young Bernard fell into a fast and hard lifestyle. At only 14, he had already experimented with drugs, alcohol, and sex. When he and his family relocated from the West Coast to Alabama, trouble moved with Bernard. At a new school, his old reputation emerged and he was soon expelled. When he could have been disregarded as just another troubled youth, Bernard's story wasn't over. His story was only beginning. Even though Bernard felt far from God at that time in his life, God was close and working a way towards Bernard's heart. The turning point happened when a friend invited Bernard to church where a powerful transformation overcame him. From that moment, his life was changed. Bernard experienced the power of God in that church, which led him to surrendering his life to Christ at 16. God redefined the former troublemaker into a new, better young man. With the power of Christ on his side, Bernard surrounded himself with positive influences. Bernard re-enrolled in school and became a productive student. Bernard continued to strive to be a better person. He knew God wanted him to do something more with the life he almost messed up. That's when his God-given talent in music was revealed to him. Bernard had always been musically inclined. But when Christ redeemed him, his talent of rapping became his way of ministering about the power of God. The once troubled youth became a reformed rapper known as Young Soldier in Christ, or Young SIC. As Young SIC, Bernard began ministering in Mobile to a group he knew all too well--troubled teens. Young SIC's mission is to spread a message of hope through rap music and evangelism. As a pastor, rap artist, and mentor, Young SIC has traveled across the U.S., and abroad through "Youth with a Mission" to New Zealand and England. Along with his music and motivational speaking, Young SIC continues to work closely with youth throughout the Mobile County area. His mission of hope focuses on helping people, especially the youth, discover Christ's purpose for them. By giving them the tools they need to overcome and excel in their circumstances, Young SIC encourages, empowers, and engages people to find hope in the body of Christ.

I believe in a Little Something Extra

I wanted to give Bernard a shortened music bio that he could give for radio and interview appearances. While it seems like a small gesture, I believe in giving a little something extra to clients for thanking them for their trust in changing up their About Me sections. 

Bernard Henry II, known as Young Sic in the Christian Rap arena, has become a strong voice in providing positive music in the same style and culture of hip hop. Imbued with Christ's message, his songs are thought-provoking and inspired by his transformation in the Holy Spirit.Young Sic's lyrics deliver his personal narrative, which relate to today's youth, wrapped in compassion to reach out and guide them towards Christ. His music reveals how the power of God can transform a once-troubled teen living the fast life into a soldier of Christ armed with the Word.

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