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Nearly everyone in the working world starts out equally. If we haven't been graced with the gift of a job from a family member or friend, we have all had to face the dreaded job search. Why are we so hesitant and nervous about this portion of our careers? We don't want just any job. We want the best job we can get. 

But in order to get the best, you must be the best. That means, our CV or resume must portray us as the most suitable candidate for a job. And with the proliferation of online job searching, even with plenty of experience, your potential employee doesn't get the chance to get to know you before denying your application. 

So how can you stand out, especially when you're just one paper (or email) in a stack of one hundred?
Turn your boring application into a killer CV and cover letter. 

Or, let me do it for you.

My process for CV/resume writing and editing is simple:

  1. Communicate with the client while looking through the current CV/resume. We discuss the reasons for updating the document, including if they are searching for jobs in a particular field. 
  2. Organize the CV/resume to highlight the client's skills pertinent to their needs.
  3. Focus on the language used and the formatting required for the specific reason.
  4. Develop the CV/resume, then send a draft to the client for revision or approval.


For $10, my client receives:

  • Professional, polished CV/resume
  • Unlimited revisions for each CV/resume
  • Discounted rates for cover letter writing (50% off!)

Because most of my clients are in the market for jobs, I choose to charge a low, flat fee for CV writing/editing.

See how I've helped Bernard and Annelie


On paper, Bernard's job experience appeared limited with a scattering of odd jobs here and there. He wanted to apply for an apprenticeship, so we crafted his CV into a seamless transition of his jobs and talents. 

Bernard's CV looked bare and lifeless, but this wasn't an accurate reflection. In fact, it was the opposite!


Bernard is the Christian rapper Young Soldier in Christ (Young S.I.C.) who uses his passion for music to bring others to God. And though Bernard is a talented gospel artist (listen to his song "Worried About Tomorrow" to hear for yourself) who uses words to create rhymes infused with meaning, he had a hard time showcasing his talents in his resume. So he asked me for help.


We worked together to create a resume that would propel him on a new path. He was interested in taking on a carpentry apprenticeship, so we tailored his previous work experience and responsibilities to best suit the apprenticeship role.


Bernard was happy with my services, so he hired me again to work on editing his Biography. With that project, I captured Young S.I.C.'s personality to be used for socia media, interviews, and his online presence. 

Bernard's Original Resume

Annelie's Original CV (1 of 2)

Annelie's Original CV (2 of 2)

Annelie had a problem. You see, she was in the market for a new job, but she had a seriously outdated CV. Annelie wanted me to help "pretty up" the CV, while highlighting her most attractive job skills.


Annelie had plenty of work experience. She'd been with the same company for over a decade!


But unfortunately, the company had to lay off many of their skilled workers after the economy in South Africa plummeted. Her years of dedication to the company were now reduced to a CV. Annelie was worried her CV wouldn't accurately reflect her extensive experience, which could promote her to a better position.


When I received her CV, I focused on highlighting all the areas in which she primarily worked. We also changed the wording to mirror the phrasing used in the job applications to which she would be applying. And to hit on the "pretty up" request, I used polished formatting, an eye-catching yet professional color, and a sleeker design to help her stand out.

Both clients had unique skills, experiences, and reasons for updating their CV/resumes. Because I work on a client-by-client basis, I organized, focused, and developed their CV/resume to fit their particular needs. 

After Wadriski Writes Updated Bernard's Resume

After Wadriski Writes Updated Annelie's CV

Let me know if you're ready to stand out with a CV or resume that you're proud to send out to companies. 

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